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Our cryobank was created on the basis of subsidiary full-cycle reproductive technologies. Thereby, we perform an audit of all the steps of obtaining and storing donor gametes and embryos accordingly to the CAP, ASRM, ESHRE, FDA, RAHR standards. The cryobank has completed the CAP accreditation, USA. 

We strictly follow CAP requirements when organising cryobank and taking into account annual external audits. 

  • All manipulations take place in the same centre. 
  • Donors’ stimulation is carried out by the leading reproductive endocrinologists of the Altravita clinic. Verified embryologists-instructors complete procedures of the embryo stage 
  • Multi-stage donor selection with a compulsory medical examination. 
  • Wide choice (over 400 donors and over 8000 oocytes).
  • Donor embryos base including those with PGT. Sperm donors base including VIP donors. 
  • Donor material with high effectiveness indicators and fixated history of past programs. 
  • Quick response: 24 hours between order placement and delivery. 
  • Own logistics department. 
  • Delivery across Russia and abroad with supervision and without. 
  • Possibility to use the “Guaranteed defrosting of anonymous donor oocytes in a third-party medical centre” program.

History cryobank

The first donor sperm sample was frozen
The first child was born after the cryotransfer of an embryo frozen using the vitrification method by AltraVita embryologists.
Successful delivery after transfer of an embryo obtained from an oocyte that has been frozen using vitrification method.
AltraVita cryobank has over 8000 donor oocytes and over 400 donors.

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10% discount when purchasing 8+ donor oocytes

10% discount when purchasing 8+ donor oocytes

Free consultation helping to choose a donor

Free consultation helping to choose a donor

Наш менеджер перезвонит вам, чтобы уточнить медицинские и фенотипические параметры, после чего вышлет подборку доноров на ваш email.
  • Every client is special to us. We aim to create the most comfortable conditions for cooperation; we have a flexible pricing policy considering every aspect of our work.
  • For over 15 years, our cryobank has been helping ART patients from Russia and other countries, including the US, make their dreams of having children come true. 
  • Over 200 clinics-partners.
  • Over 3 600 IVF programs using donor material from our cryobank.

100% efficiency

I, Masashige Kuwayama, confirm with this certificate that the embryological laboratory of the AltraVita clinic, under the leadership of V.P. Apryshko. PhD has successfully achieved 100% efficiency using the Cryotec method. Awarded membership to the 100% efficiency club founded by Reprolife Inc.

Alternative and sometimes the only way to have children.

Using donor gametes and embryos expands the opportunities of an IVF procedure and allows patients with reproductive health problems to become parents.

To choose donors, you can use our online catalogue, get a consultation over the phone or come to our cryobank where our specialists will help you. Expended surveys that include childhood photos, voice recordings, examples of handwriting, and an essay ‘about yourself’ allow you to choose donor biological material according to your preferences. You can choose according to specific biometric qualities, personality traits or physical similarities to you or your partner. 

Deferred parenthood

The possibility to freeze your biological material allows deferring mother or fatherhood with cells’ quality preservation.

Deferred motherhood is the possibility for a woman to plan her pregnancy in the future by freezing her oocytes to fertilise them later at a time most convenient for her. To achieve this, we stimulate ovulation, extract oocytes and freeze them (cryoconservate) using the vitrification method. 

Fatherhood is an important and responsible step; that is why many men choose to postpone becoming a dad. However, as time passes, due to many factors, men might need long and expensive treatment to achieve their dream of becoming a dad. To avoid such problems in the future, take care of your parenthood now. 

Preserving fertility

Cryoconservation allows saving your gametes before starting treatment of severe diseases, such as oncological ones. Later in life, you can use your cells after you have recovered from the illness.

With the help of this procedure, you have an opportunity to preserve your biological material (sperm and oocytes) for further use after you finish the treatment. The need for it arises before starting chemotherapy or radiation therapy which negatively affect your reproductive health.

cryobank was established in 2003
oocytes in cryobank
egg and sperm donors
characteristics are available for donor selection
Apryshko Valentina Petrovna

Head of the embryological laboratory, Ph.D.

Apryshko Valentina

Work experience 18 years

Each client is special to us. We strive to create the most comfortable conditions for cooperation, conduct a flexible pricing policy, pay attention to every aspect of our activities.

Alexey Bozin

Leading specialist working with corporate clients

Alexey Bozin

Work experience 10 лет

Elena Vinogradskaya

Head of donor program coordinators

Elena Vinogradskaya

Work experience 15 лет

Gulnara Nabieva

Donor Program Coordinator

Gulnara Nabieva

Work experience 8 лет

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