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I want to thank AltraVita cryobank specialists for their professionalism, sensitivity, attention to their clients! You have an excellent catalogue, user-friendly website and brilliant managers! I wish you success and prosperity!

We have ordered 150 donor oocytes. The transportation from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk went smoothly. Everything was strictly controlled from the stage of completing the paperwork and until the biological material was delivered. I want to point out the high rate of pregnancies using defrosted gametes. 

Thank you for the fast delivery of 200 donor oocytes from the AltraVita cryobank. We have worked with this cryobank before and have seen that the quality of cells is very high. That is why we rest easy about our clients. Oocytes bear defrosting very good-we have checked it. We want to point out the high rate of pregnancies using defrosted oocytes. We thank our colleges for the perfect job and thoughtful approach. 

Hi, I have participated in your clinic’s program for oocyte donors. I want to thank the clinic, doctors, and most of all, managers-Gulnara and Elena- for their supervision during the whole program!! Thank you all so much for your attention, approach, expertise, and support!!

There is a very kind person working in your clinic-Vinogradskaya E.N. She is a very responsive specialist. With her, you start to believe that life goes on and all your problems can be solved. Elena, thank you very much!

Thanks so much to the incredible specialist Elena Vinogradskaya! Thanks to her thoughtful attitude, I got confident in the future, in becoming the mum of a healthy, cute child! Elena was convincing...and the miracle has happened! Today our miracle is four months old! “Followers make leaders”, and the clinic is made by its employees! Thanks to the great specialists and the managers for collecting such first-class experts in one place! Thank you for the miracles you give us!!!!

I want to say a huge thank you to Elena Vinogradskaya (donor programs coordinator). She would always help and advise. It is rare to meet a person who loves their job so much!

I would like to thank Elena Vinogradskaya-donors’ coordinator. It turned out that we had to search for an oocyte donor. Elena has done her job perfectly. Thanks to her, we have had a wonderful daughter. The embryo has been implanted from the first try. Thank you so much for our happiness! Also, I want to thank all the clinic specialists for your work. I was not hoping anymore to experience the joy of being a mother.

I have undergone IVF trial in 2018. We would like to thank the manager Elena Vinogradskaya for her help in choosing the donor’s selected embryo. Unfortunately, multiple trials using our own cells were not successful. It was very hard to come to a decision of using donor’s material. However, thanks to Elena, we understood that I would bear the baby, breastfeed it, and we would raise the baby together with my husband. However, the choice has been even more complicated, as we wanted to find donors that would look very similar to me and my husband. I don’t think we would have coped without the help of the manager. Our little daughter is only one year old but she is so similar to my husband and me in terms of appearance and character. She is a healthy and happy child! Elena, thank you so much one more time! We are the happiest people in the world!

There is no cryobank with donor cells in our IVF clinic. We were advised to use the AltraVita donor bank, one of the country’s largest cryobanks. Even though we have agreed to use donor cells, we have thoroughly approached the donor’s choice. AltraVita has very detailed catalogues! According to our requirements, the manager has offered us three different donors, and we have chosen the cells for our future child. I want to thank the clinic for the quick delivery of the cryo material! Everything went well, and out of six oocytes, all were defrosted, five were fertilized, and as many as three of them developed perfectly. Now I am at the 23rd week of pregnancy, and two snowflakes are awaiting!

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