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We obtain donor embryos by using donor oocytes and donor sperm from our cryobank. You can also choose the material used for donor embryos from our catalogue of sperm and oocyte donors.

Selected embryos with preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGT) are available in the world-class expert level lab REPRODUCTIVE GENETIC INNOVATIONS LLC, USA.

The possibility to create an embryo using gametes from the selected oocyte and sperm donors. 

In the case of partners lacking their own quality cells or with a high risk of transmitting a hereditary disease, doctors advise using donor embryos in the IVF cycle. Such a procedure is more effortless for a woman to undergo than a standard IVF cycle. There is no need to undergo hormonal stimulation of oocytes or any surgeries to obtain oocytes. However, a woman or a couple should be psychologically prepared because their child will be entirely genetically non-identical to them.

Differences between PGT, PGS, and PGT

Diagnosis (PGT)
Purposeful analysis of specific chromosomes or genes for monogenetic diseases.
Screening (PGS)
Analysis for chromosomal anomalies (number and structure of chromosomes).
Testing (PGT)
Complex combined analysis-excluding certain pathologies and accidental disruptions. For example, translocation analysis and estimation of the number of chromosomes, analysis of a separate gene and chromosomes.

How the examination is carried out

On the fifth day of cultivation, 4-5 trophectoderm cells are obtained from the blastocyst for further genetic examination. At this stage, the recovery in return of the taken cells happens fast and without any consequences- diagnostic does not affect the embryo. It is essential for those couples who were able to obtain only 1-2 cells after stimulation.

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